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Aaahhh, but why should I register, why me?

Well one response could be "why not you, why shouldn't you register?"  But for a few moments let your imagination go on a little journey.  Let yourself go somewhere that you have never been before (hopefully).  Just clear away all distracting thoughts and read on.

Try to imagine that you are in jail.  You have lived a responsible life and this is your first time in prison - and you are lonely.  It is dark, noisy and thoroughly miserable.  You suffer pain, frustration and there is no way out.  How do you feel?  Are you afraid?  Well you should be - because you are on death row.  You have been sentenced to death.  In fact the only sure thing in your life at the moment is that you will die, and you will die soon.  How soon you don't know but you know that it is inevitable.

Unless..... unless that mystery witness comes forward; that witness that can prove your innocence and save your life.  Whether you live or die, whether you have a future or not depends on that person.  Will they be found before it is too late?

For many people who need a life saving bone marrow transplant, it can seem a bit like that.  Their life, their future literally lies in the hands of someone else.  Many cannot find a match and that is why we are asking you to join the bone marrow register.  You could be somebody's lifesaver.  You could give someone a future - a future that they currently do not have.  You could rescue somebody from "death row".  Could you think of a greater thing that you could do in your life?

How would you feel if it was you that needed the bone marrow transplant?  Or one of your family?  What if it was one of your little children?  What would you do?  Would you want others to register as potential bone marrow donors?  Would you hope that the person with a matching tissue type joined the register?

You may be able to save someone's life.  You may give hope to someone who currently has none.  You may be able to give someone a future. 

That is why you should register.....before it is too late.



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