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How can I register?

So many times we have been asked the above question.

There are several different ways in which you can register as a potential bone marrow donor. 


The easiest way to register is to attend a registration clinic.  These are organised around the country by The Anthony Nolan Trust. 

General criteria required by The Anthony Nolan Trust are:

  • age 18 - 40 : health and circumstances permitting, you remain on the Register until your 60th birthday, so don't be put off joining if you are close to 40

  • in general good health

  • weight over 51kg / 8st

  • women must not be pregnant

  • women with children under the age of 12 months cannot join the register or donate marrow during that time

Registration is a simple 3 stage process:

  1. You fill out a registration form / medical questionnaire.

  2. You will be counselled about the donation procedures and if you are ever found to be a matched donor what your preparation would be.  This is followed by a Q & A's session.

  3. You will then give a sample of saliva. This is later tested to determine your tissue type and these details with your name and location will be added on to a database of potential donors for patients awaiting matches around the world.  On completion you will be given various bits of information and contact details from The Anthony Nolan Trust, just in case you need to speak in the future about anything.

Click here for full medical criteria from The Anthony Nolan Trust.

Click here to go straight to the Registration Clinics page for dates of upcoming clinics.

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You can join the Anthony Nolan Trust bone marrow register easily.

Obtain an information pack from The Anthony Nolan Trust (ANT).  Read the information leaflet carefully to ensure that you understand what bone marrow/blood stem cell donation could involve and whether you consider you could go forward with such an undertaking. If you do wish to proceed, please fill in the application pack and return it to The ANT with a saliva sample.

Click here to go straight to the The Anthony Nolan Trust website and find out how you can join the register by post.

As a new member of the Register you will receive postal confirmation of your status as a potential life saver a few weeks after having provided your sample.

You may be found to be a match for a patient almost immediately; other people wait many years before being asked to donate - and some never are.

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If you are a blood donor, or intend to become one, then you can register with the National Blood Service the next time you go to give blood.  Please mention to the nurse when you arrive at the donor session that you want to join the bone marrow register.  An additional blood sample will then have to be taken for that purpose.

Click here to find out more about registration with the National Blood Service.

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The above information applies in the UK.  For other registers and other countries please see the Worldwide pages.

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