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Welcome to the World of Bone Marrow!

People have many questions about bone marrow.  What is it?  What does it look like?  What does it do?  On these pages we aim to answer questions that people may have.

What is a bone marrow transplant (BMT)?  There are so many stories around about this, but here you will find the facts.  Who need bone marrow transplants, and why?

For somebody to have a bone marrow transplant, someone else has to donate some of their bone marrow.  So how is that done?  Is it painful for the donor, and what after effects are there?  There are experiences from bone marrow donors and what it felt like, and meant to them.  Would they do it again?

What is meant by tissue typing?  This is done to find out if a potential donor is compatible with someone who needs a bone marrow transplant.  Find out what it is all about.  And by the way, it has nothing to do with your blood type.

Do bone marrow transplants really save people's lives?  Yes they do.  And that is why we are appealing to people to register as potential bone marrow donors.  Some will go on to literally be life savers.  What greater privilege could there be than to save a life?



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