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Find out about Race Against Time

On these pages you will find out more about this Campaign. 

The name is simple enough to explain: Patients in need of a bone marrow donor are involved in a Race Against Time!  And the prize could be life itself!  Race Against Time is the new name for the Yvette Gate Bone Marrow Campaign.

The campaign was originally founded by family and friends of Yvette Gate, an aplastic anaemia patient from Bristol, England.  The Campaign is about highlighting bone marrow illnesses, stem cell / bone marrow transplants and encouraging registration of potential bone marrow donors onto the bone marrow register.

But what is the purpose of the Campaign?  You can find out about when and how we got started and read a summary of our history.

We are trying to make various items available for download.  These include desktop wallpapers, Campaign leaflets as well as links to any other useful downloads.  These will follow in the fullness of time.

We hope that you will want to support the Campaign in some way.  You can find out some of the areas that we need help and how to contact us by following the appropriate links.



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