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What do we do?

Our purpose is quite simple really: To help save lives. 

We do this by informing people about bone marrow, stem cells and bone marrow related illness.  For many patients the only hope of a cure is through a procedure called a bone marrow transplant.  But where does the bone marrow come from for a transplant?

Well, in over seventy percent of cases it comes from a stranger.  From unrelated donors who have registered on the worldwide Bone Marrow Registry.

Working with other supportive organisations, we encourage those who are able to find out how they could be a life saver.  We organise bone marrow registration clinics where people can come along, find out more and become a potential bone marrow donor - a potential life saver to someone.  Here people are then able to join the Bone Marrow Register.

More information about bone marrow can be found by following the blue tab, and to find out how you can register as a potential donor follow the green one!



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