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Ok then, so what exactly is bone marrow?

The bone marrow is the inner part, the core, of the bones, where the various types of blood cells are manufactured.  It is the soft and fatty interior of the bones.  It is the very core of the bones. 

What is the purpose of the bone marrow and what is its function? The bone marrow of the various bones in our body - of the sternum, ribs, vertebrae, bones of the pelvis and of the long bones -- are the FACTORIES where  the various blood cells are produced! 

In our bone marrow three principal types of cells are manufactured:

  1. Red blood cells - about three million red blood cells are produced by the bone marrow every second.  They carry a protein called "Haemoglobin" which carries oxygen to all parts of the body, providing energy.

  2. White blood cells - are larger than red cells and have different functions.  The two main types are neutrophils - which fight bacterial infections, and lymphocytes - which help fight viruses and other non-bacterial infections. 

  3. Platelets - much smaller than red cells.  They help the blood to clot by sticking together, thereby preventing bleeding.

What is the function of the blood?  Besides carrying the oxygen and the food to every part of our body and of defending ourselves against diseases and preventing bleeding, it also helps our body to get rid  of the waste products of our metabolism.



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