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Are you afraid?

Well it is nothing to be ashamed of.  But do you want to do something about it and try to save someone's life?

Something we often hear is that some people are afraid of needles.  Is that you? 

But, without getting too psychological, are you really afraid or do you just not like needles?  I suppose that most people do not like needles, injections and that sort of thing.  We have not really come across anyone who says that they love needles and injections.  But because you don't really like something does not mean that you have to avoid it or run away.

Remember - registering as a potential bone marrow donor is about saving someone's life. That someone may be a child.  What would you do if it was your child, or another member of your family.  How much would the "fear of needles" bother you then? 

And that is an important point, because illness strikes without warning.  And nobody can say that they know what the future holds.  By joining the bone marrow register now you will be giving hope to those who suffer now, and perhaps you will even offer them a lifeline.  But you will also offer a better chance to those who will become ill in the future.  The more people who are on the bone marrow register, the greater the chance of finding a matching donor and receiving a lifesaving bone marrow transplant.

It may sound a bit obvious, but if you don't like needles or are not too keen on the sight of blood - then don't look.  You will not be the first and certainly not the last person to do so.  It is not a weakness to "fear" needles and the sight of blood.  And it is a great strength if you confront your anxieties and fears head on. Speak to the medical staff about it.  Don't look, wear dark glasses if that helps or bring a friend to look after you, to hold your hand. 

While some people have walked away from such situations, many have gone to great lengths to ensure that they do join the register.  It shouldn't take long and perhaps afterwards you will laugh and wonder what all the fuss was about.  But even if giving that all important blood sample doesn't conquer your fears, you can be sure that you have just done a great thing - and for you a very brave thing.

And just ponder on this - how many people have the privilege of saving another's life?  If you do go on to become a bone marrow donor you may save someone who has no other hope except for you.  Someone who would almost certainly die if not for the donation of bone marrow that you are prepared to give them.

Please, confront your fears.  Don't run away.  Give hope to someone.  SAVE A LIFE.



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