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A mother of two from Bradford becomes a lifesaver

We were recently contacted by Jayne Kavanagh from Bradford.  Jayne donated bone marrow in August 2004.  This is her story:

Jayne with one of the cards she has received from AmericaJayne writes: “ I joined the Bone Marrow Register about four years ago.  I never came up as a match at first.  But some months after joining I received a phone call from the Anthony Nolan Trust asking if I would do further tissue typing as I was a potential match for a young boy in North America who desperately needed a bone marrow transplant to treat his aplastic anaemia.” 

“After undergoing further blood tests at my doctor’s, I then had to go to London to see if I was fit enough for the small operation to take place where I would donate some of my bone marrow.”

Better than winning the Lottery

“At this point I was so excited that I had been given the chance to save someone’s life.  I remember thinking “This is better than winning the lottery!!”

“I was then told that I could go ahead with the donation and was also informed that I was the only hope for this child.”

“They gave me a date for the donation to take place and discussed with me what would happen.  It really was pretty straight forward.  I would be put to sleep and they would take some of my bone marrow from my pelvis using special needles, and believe me I’m petrified of needles.” 

“The date for my donation got brought forward as the child had been prepared for the transplant.  All that I could think of at the time, and still do, is what that child must be going through.  What I was doing was nothing compared to what he and his family must have  be going through.  It was actually strange in a way as I didn’t know anything about this boy as the policy states you remain anonymous for two years.  But I felt he was part of me already and I had a special bond that would last forever.”

It Was So Easy

“I was admitted to a London hospital and told that that I would be there for two days and that the donation would take place the following morning.”

“I woke up early the next morning and was taken down to theatre.  I was given a small injection in my hand and that was it!  I woke up about two hours later to be told that it was done.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing.  I wanted to do it again!“

“My donated bone marrow was then whisked across to America for the child.  I was then given a transfusion of my own blood as I was anaemic.  I had given my own blood earlier just in case I needed it back.”

“Afterwards my back ached a bit, but it was well worth it.”

Best News Ever!

“Two months later I received a thank you card from my recipient in America saying that his transplant had been a success.  It was the best news ever!!”

“It is nearly two years since I donated and we have kept in touch by sending cards.  We plan to meet later this year.”

“Donating my bone marrow is the best thing I have ever done and I feel so privileged to have been given the chance.  I remain on the Bone Marrow Register and would gladly do it again.”

“So all that I can basically say is:
“Don’t waste time and lives, get tested and save a life!””

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