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Bristol's Biggest Bike Ride

On 20 June a group of friends from Redland High School took part in Bristol's Biggest Bike Ride.

Shirran writes "It was such a beautiful day and there were 27 of us riding, we looked like such a team!  Many of the riders who were not so confident managed to pull through and we all finished together!  It was so much fun for all of us and we said along the way that it was exactly what Yvette would have taken part in!

Click on picture to sponsor the girls from Redland High

You can still sponsor the girls by clicking on the picture to go to their JustGiving page.

This chant was created while we rode to spread the message and explain to people why we were all wearing purple!  Everyone who heard this chant were smiling and cheering for us!

We're the girls from Redland High
There's no bike ride we can't defy

We're doing it for our friend Yvette
The nicest girl we ever met

She had the most lovely smile
That's why we're doing the 14 mile

She brightened up our Redland lives
With all her Michael Jackson jives

We may have already had a crash
But that won't stop us raising cash

We've got sponsorship from Mrs Yarrow
To raise awareness for bone marrow

We may all get some bumps and bruises
But we're not using them as excuses

We may not do it in record time
But we'll definitely cross the finishing line

Purple was her favourite colour
So if you love us scream and hollah!




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